Friday, 11.11.11: A date this epic has to have something epic happen on it, yes? And something quite epic did happen. My two best friends, Alex and Titus, came over to watch Four Feathers. It is a touching story of cowardice and bravery. Watch it. At 11:11 p.m. we ran out on the porch and celebrated with 11 high fives. There was juggling and accordion music to accompany this epic night. 

Saturday, 11.12.11: Is it acceptable to write something on your Bucket List after you’ve done it just so you can cross it off? I am tempted to do so. A movie is being filmed in Valentine at the moment. It is a small Indie film called The Aviation Cocktail and they are desperate for extras to work for free. How do I know they’re desperate? They let me be an extra. Yes – I am going to be in a real-live movie! SO PUMPED! My fifteen minutes of fame didn’t come without its fair share of sacrifice, though. I was on location for 9.5 hours and was filmed for maybe 10 minutes. My feet were tingling numb by the end of the night and I didn’t get any of my homework done. But it was so worth it. Everyone involved with movie was extremely nice to the extras. The director, crew, and cast were constantly asking us if we needed a coat or a drink of water or anything. So nice! So, if you get a chance to watch the movie, do it. You’ll see me (hopefully)! 

[Top left: 11 High Fives of 11:11 11.11.11…really long exposure. Top Right: Old cars for The Aviation Cocktail. Bottom Left: Director of The Aviation Cocktail working out details for the fight scene. Bottom Right: The sheriff arrests two hoodlums.]


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