Before you jump into the river- the really deep part where the current is strong – you need to make a decision: Are you going to float with the current? Or are you going to swim across the pull of the river?

Floating down the river is fun. Just put your feet downstream and the let the current take you. It’s easy, relaxing. Until you come to the rocks – and you will come to the rocks, sooner or later. They’re marked by the white ripples on the surface of the water. Also know as rapids. And just a word to the wise – they don’t feel so nice on the feet or the knees. And eventually you need to think about getting out of the current and reaching shallow land where you can stand on your own two feet again. Be careful. Just when you think you’ll have another opportunity, all the landing pads will be gone and you’ll be a lot farther down river than you ever wanted to be. Things don’t always look so nice from that vantage point.

Now swimming against the current requires more effort and a bit more planning than just going with the flow. You have a certain destination in mind – the opposite side of the river. You need to account for the current and how far it will drag you before you can reach the other side. Start well upstream of your destination. You must be aware of any rocks and drop offs in your projected course – don’t get caught up on those. And – of course – you’ll have to swim hard to get there. Don’t think it will be easy, but it will be worth it.

So – float or swim? It’s your choice.


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