Stupid Choices

I made some stupid choices this summer. Three, to be exact.

This spring, I decided that the song “Anna Sun” (Watch here: ) was going to be the anthem of my summer. Somewhere between May and July, I adopted the motto: It’s summer – what the heck! That’s the mentality fueling these bad choices.

In the middle of each of my three stupid decisions, I questioned my sanity, thought to myself that the whole thing was a really bad idea. And after each one, the lyrics, “My feet are still sore/My back’s on the fringes” were on repeat in my head.

It. Was. Awesome.

Act I: Up All Night

This was probably the stupidest choice of the three. My Youth Group had a “Mid-Summer Retreat” – a lock in, basically. I vowed I would go to bed at midnight and anyone who disturbed me from my slumber would receive a swift blow to the face before I drifted back to sleep. As it turns out, I fell asleep at 11.


Pulling an all-nighter was not on my summer To Do list. But around 4:30 A.M. as I sat back to back with my juggling partner, I realized that there was no going back – we were in it for the long haul. So Titus and I pulled possibly the most epic all-nighter of the century on the cold, wet front lawn of the Youth Building. We played volleyball. We ran through sprinklers. We perfected* a new juggling technique. We debated Creationism versus evolution. We huddled around a smoldering mosquito repellant coil for warmth (it wasn’t very helpful).

Word to the wise: your legs get unbelievably stiff and sore after sitting cross-legged for multiple hours. I do not recommend it.

Act II: Tightrope

I went to the lake.

-I hate when people refer to Merritt Reservoir as “the lake”. It is not a lake. It is a reservoir. But I guess it does sound more hip to say lake, so whatever.

I went to the reservoir with some high school friends. The really irresponsible ones who party all the time**. We had a boat and a tube attached to the boat. And I think I screamed “We’re all going to die” about three hundred times that afternoon. It was the most terrifying fun I’ve had all summer! We had our share of excitement out of the water, as well. Roasting hot dogs and biscuits (trust the Utechts on this one, roasted biscuits are heaven on a stick). Rolling down a huge sand hill and then taking out Big Stus while staggering and zig-zagging uncontrollably from dizziness. Shrieking like a little girl while getting chased by a wasp (okay- that wasn’t very much fun). As soon as I got home, I realized that my hands, arms, neck, and back muscles were going to make moving pretty miserable for the next week. And turns out, I kinda got sick. Guess drinking Merritt water wasn’t the best idea?

Act III: Next In Line

The Niobrara River is notorious (at least in my mind) for being shallow. But if you look you can find spots where you can’t touch the ground unless you’re brave enough to stay under water long enough to search out the bottom. I’m not that brave. But a couple of my classmates and I discovered one such place located conveniently near a walking trail. Without really knowing what we were getting ourselves into, we jumped in one by one and let the river carry us. I learned a few things very quickly. 1) Rocks hurt. 2) Keep your feet downstream. Rocks hurt your feet a lot less than your knees. 3) “Beached Whale” may not be an acceptable yoga position, but it is a good principle for rolling oneself out of the current and into shallower water.

I escaped this event with relatively few scrapes and sore muscles – certainly far less than I expected when I first jumped in the river. I thought I would be heading off to college with some massive bruises and scabs decorating my knees and shins. As Amanda repeatedly said, “Pre-season injury!” It’s strange – how I relate everything I do nowadays to college. I try to live in the moment, enjoy this summer in limbo – but I’m always thinking ahead to the next thing: college college college.

I suppose it’s good to have something to look forward to.

And I guess I have some good, stupid stories to tell from my summer.

*Pitifully attempted

**Over-dose of sarcasm


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