When Paul went off to college for the first time six years ago, my twelve-year-old self slowly and sadly realized that it was probably the end of the family vacation era for our family.

Thankfully I was wrong!

Family vacations are still possible with kids located in four different states. At least we all stayed in the Midwest, right? (I think my parents might attempt to hit all four kids in one shot this coming week. So proud of them, their route looks like a doozy, over 2,000 miles.)

As family vacations have become fewer and farther between, I’ve learned to really cherish every moment of the days we get to spend together as a family now. We have been blessed to have the opportunity twice this summer. In May for my graduation and again at the beginning of July. Mom, Dad, Ethan, and I caravanned down to Springfield where Paul lives and Sarah was staying for the summer. It’s always a riot.

You can also check out my brother’s far more professional photos of this event here: http://paulsimmonsmedia.com/2012/07/14/family-in-town/


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