Summer of Letters [Mom, don’t read the second paragraph]

I should be sleeping.

Lord knows I should be sleeping.

Lord also knows the millions* of things that are running through my head and accumulating on my to-do list(s). This post happens to be one of those things. And since I’m not tired at the moment, I thought I’d sit down and get it out of the way.  One less “to-do” clouding my mind, keeping me awake at night.

First, I want to update ya’ll on the life of Emily. It’s August 20. I leave for Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, in 32 hours. Can you say, “Freak out mode”? I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job of containing the puking, crying, and screaming I’ve felt like doing overthe last few days. At least while other people are around. I’ve been distracting myself with cleaning and packing. Lots of cleaning and packing to do. I’m finally nearing the end. Hallelujah!

Now onto the real reason for this post.

I secretly dubbed last summer The Summer of Salads (shout out to Marita Robinson for helping make it so). Long story. But if you lived in this household last summer, I think you might agree. In keeping with my newly formed tradition, I decided to give this season the titleThe Summer of Letters. Since deleting Facebook, I have had to be more intentional and creative about my correspondence with all of you beautiful people. Thankfully, some of you seem to have a love for writing letters just like I do! In fact, seven of my gorgeous friends wrote me letters this summer. If you were one of them, I want you to know how excited I was when I got your letter(s) in the mail. Thank you, Raina and Betta, for being my pen pals. And Dan, for beating me to the punch. Titus, for the super long letter (that I still need to reply to). Stoegs, for promising cookies! Reba, for the card at camp. And Arden, for the totally unexpected note with super cute drawings.

And for those of you who didn’t send me a letter, please, do. Now. I welcome them with an open mailbox! Make this Summer of Letters into an Autumn of Letters. Or a year of letters. Or a lifetime of letters. I would be cool with that. Oh! – I have a new address!

 Emily Simmons>Taylor University>English Hall 349>236 W Reade Ave>Upland, IN 46989

It might be a while before I post again. I suspect things will get super crazy and busy. But I’ll have exciting things to report soon.

Over & out.



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