New Home

I lived in the same house for eighteen years. I only moved once when I was less than one year old, so it doesn’t even count.

And now I’m suddenly 900 miles from home and stuck here for four months straight.

Needless to say, I’m having conflicting emotions. When we crossed the state line from Illinois into Indiana Dad told me I might as well change the time on my watch to Eastern Standard Time. I’m going to be here awhile, after all. This is my new home. And it feels right to be here. When I’m walking around campus, I feel like I’ve been here for months already. But I know that there is a 900-mile long string connecting my heart to the Sandhills of Cherry County. And it will never be severed. Nebraska will always be home.

I feel a strong urge to at once ridicule and madly love Indiana. Can I be loyal to two states at the same time? I’m afraid that if I love Indiana, I’ll be betraying my home.

Guess I’ll be learning some lessons in expanding the range of my love over the next few months. 


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