Wing Retreat

Last weekend, my wing went on its wing retreat. We left on Friday and drove up to North Judson, Indiana, where Charissa lives. We stayed in her home and had lots of fun being around each other and off campus. On Saturday morning we got dressed up and took wing pictures. Saturday night we went to a drive in theater, which was awesome! That was my first time going to one, so I was very excited. We watched Madagascar 3 and The Odd Life of Timothy Green. It was pretty chilly, but well worth it. On Sunday morning we had Wing Church. I found out that I have a new big sister on the wing, Alyrica. I’m excited to get to know her this year! 


I’d like to share some funny moments from the weekend with you in the form of quotes that the girls said.

“Buckle up or get out and walk home in the rain!” -Noelle shouted this as we were heading out on the highway. It was rainy and storming and I guess she really wanted everyone to be safe.

“I went to bed at 2 A.M. I got up for a 9 o’clock. I had no caffeine all day and I. Am. Ready. To. Party.” -Maybe you have to know Mary to appreciate this quote. Or maybe you had to hear her say it. She was so excited when she said it. It made me smile.

“That’s the only song of hers I can actually tolerate cause it’s so horrible, it’s funny.” – This was said by Mary about Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. During the car ride Friday night, we blasted music and jammed the whole way to North Judson. I don’t think anyone in the car particularly liked this song, but we had to listen to it once. I agree completely with Mary’s sentiments.

“A trashy suite is a comfy suite.” – Sarah Sohn said this when we came back to the dorms on Sunday. I don’t think I agree with her. But I like that she said it.

And that’s all folks. To see a few pictures from the weekend, you can go here:



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