New Career Options

Here at Taylor, we are well past the halfway point of the semester. The first ten weeks of college were full of adventures. Pictures can probably do a better job of telling the stories of those memories than my words can. So check out the link below to see some photos.


A couple weeks ago I was sitting at my desk in my dorm room, reading a textbook or writing an email (I don’t really remember what I was doing, it’s not important) and something suddenly hit me. I jumped a little and looked over to my roommate to see if she had had the same revelation I did. She was intently focused on her computer screen. Guess it was just me.

In that moment, I realized for the first time that I was really at college. Took me long enough, right? Should have figured that out the first day, right? Not the second month…I’m a little slow on the uptake, I guess.

But can you blame me? I was bombarded with so much information and so many new experiences the first few weeks of college that it was all I could do to keep my head above water. I had to take care of surviving day to day, not processing the abstract idea that I had become a real life college student, had moved 900 miles across the country, and had legitimately been added to my parents’ list of addresses to send care packages to. It took me awhile to figure up that I was moving up in the world.

Not only does college mean that I am no longer living at home, it also means that I am transitioning from one life stage to another. Which means I have to think about things like careers. Which scares me so much. And what is my favorite coping mechanism when I am scared?




Therefore I have composed a list of career options that I am semi-seriously considering after half a semester of college.

1. Clown

2. Mime

3. Librarian

4. Park Ranger

Clown is looking like my favorite right now. What’s not to love about travelling with a circus and making small children laugh as an occupation? I think it sounds delightful.

Miming may be a little more risky. After all – it is the American thing to do to spit on mimes. And I’m not sure that I could succeed at the whole silent aspect of it. I did try my hand at the mime life for an hour or so on Halloween. I enjoyed acting out the persona, playing the character.

I wouldn’t mind working with books all day as a librarian. I do love libraries.

To be honest, the main reason I want to be a park ranger is to get the cool hat and uniform. Plus it would at least partially fulfill my short-lived dream of becoming a marine biologist. Marine biologist…park ranger…close enough, right? Close enough for me.

Then again, I may just stick with writing. 

We’ll see.


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