The Most Coveted Pick-A-Date on Campus: Broomball

At Taylor, we do these things called “Pick-A-Dates”. Basically they are organized outings designed to give students a fun and pressure-free way to get know members of the opposite sex. Plus there’s not much to do in Upland, Indiana, so we have to make our own fun. Third English (where I live) puts on the best Pick-A-Date on campus called Broomball (and I’m not being biased, everyone says it’s the best. Guys across campus fill out applications in hopes of getting picked to go on Broomball). If you’ve never heard of it, Broomball is a game kind of like hockey. It’s played on ice, like hockey. But instead of hockey sticks we use duct taped brooms and instead of pucks we use balls.

Broomball happened last night. And it was a blast! We compete by wings and there are three wings on Third English, so we each played two games and sat one out. My wing had about forty players. So there are approximately 80 players on the ice at a time. It’s complete chaos. We had music playing, so if you didn’t want to be super competitive, you could just dance.

This morning some girls were saying they didn’t fall at all or only fell once…I don’t understand why they were so proud of that…I was on my knees or back extremely often – perhaps more than anyone else. But I also think I had more fun than anyone else there. I forget how competitive I can be.

We ended the competition with a huge dance party in the middle of the rink. We got done at the rink at midnight then went to Steak N Shake to fill up our empty bellies. When all was said and done, we made it back to campus around 3 A.M. Needless to say, this Saturday is extremely lazy on Third English. I have an impressive bruise on one of my knees. My back is sore. And it is all so worth it.

I feel extremely blessed to be on Third North English – and not just because I get to participate in the most coveted Pick-A-Date on campus. I truly love the girls on my wing. They have made my experience at college thus far so amazing. They are genuine and show that they care about me – a lowly freshman. They give me advice and guidance when I need it and help me to have fun when I need a break. God knew what He was doing when He put me on Third North English.
To see all the pictures from Broomball: 

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