I found paradise.

A month ago I had no desire to travel to the Bahamas or any other tropical island. Sunshine and beaches and palm trees didn’t appeal to me. My heart, after all, was accustomed to feasting on the rugged beauty of the prairies of Nebraska, supplemented by the occasional mountain view soaked up while on vacation in Colorado. But never the ocean. It just wasn’t my thing.

Until I actually went to the Bahamas, that is.

After five days on the island of San Salvador, I took back every mean thing I had thought about the Bahamas. I finally understand why tourists flock to the islands in droves each year. The only word to describe the blissful combination of sunny skies, refreshing breezes, palm tree silhouettes, and sparkling oceans is “paradise”. I got to bask in the perfect summer day for 16 days straight…in the middle of January. If that isn’t paradise, I don’t know what is.


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