Letter to July


Dear July,

You are turning out to be quite the charmer.

The impromptu family gathering at your start was more than I could have asked for. I’d forgotten how grounding it is to be home with all the siblings, even if just for a few days. Now that we have all graduated from college and are stumbling our way along to adulthood, it was nice to have a weekend exploring, cooking, and resting together in our childhood home.

Your sunsets and storms have been spectacular, bringing Mom, Dad, and I out to the patio to watch the clouds roll by on several occasions.

I don’t know if I will ever stop marveling at the magic of growing things. It’s not the first time I’ve watched vegetables come alive in my mother’s garden, but I still danced in delight when the first sugar snap peas appeared on the vines, ready to be eaten.

You’ve brought a lot of charm, July, but do you think you could slow down a bit? I know I ask this of every month at some time or other. But I’m trying to get lots done before you leave, July. I have lists and a full calendar and airplane tickets.

But I know you can’t change your tempo even for someone with the best of intentions. Maybe it’s I who needs to slow my pace, to marvel over the sunsets more often, and listen to the rain pattering on the deck.

Love always, Emily

Inspired by Emily Diana Ruth‘s “Letters to July” series on YouTube. Go check out her lovely work!


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