Articles I’m Into: June 2016

I’ve recently read some articles that I wanted to share with you all. They contain words that are changing me, and I hope they are meaningful to you as well. Enjoy!

Do You See This Woman?: A Preaching Commentary on Rape Culture, Bathsheba, and the Use of Grace by Emmy Kegler We’ve all read our fair share of pieces on the Brock Turner rape case by now, I am sure. But this preaching calls us to look past individual situations, at the larger systems enabling rapists to get away with light sentences—systems and privileges that have been in place for centuries, even to biblical times. It is a call to look at the effects rape culture has on communities, not just individuals. It is a reminder that sins such as rape are not sins against only God; they are sins against other humans.

“The problem with narrowing Christian faith to total forgiveness of sin without retribution or price is that it makes sin about the relationship between us and God — and forgets the relationship between us and neighbor.  If the concern with sin is that it endangers our eternal salvation, we forget what our sin does to those we sin against.  If the only prayer is “Forgive us,” we are no longer accountable to those we harm.” 

Thoughts and Prayers by John Scalzi Mass shootings. Another heavy topic this month, but one I don’t want to stop being troubled by anytime soon. The frustration of the author should be every reader’s frustration. Offering thoughts and prayers in the face of tragedy is something, but it is not enough. It is too often a guise for nothing. What can we offer that will make a difference? Read this article and try to answer that question for yourself.

“What do we do now, when thoughts and prayers are easy, and everything else is hard?”

What I Need When We Talk About Bodies, A Request From Your Fat Friend on Bust The fat acceptance movement is helping me think about bodies and beauty in wonderful, freeing ways. Bodies are hard and weird, but they should never be cause for shame or ridicule or hatred. As a young woman with a changing body, I am doing my best to gracefully accept every shape bodies come in.

 I need you to try to learn to love the lush overgrowth of your body. Let it grow wild and untamed as a garden you loved as a child. Love it for the way it sustains you, keeps you warm, goes to such lengths not to let you get hurt. Its only job is to care for you. I need you to try to love it if you intend to love me.”

What have you been reading these days?FullSizeRender


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