Apartment Tour

This week and last are devoted to transitioning into my role as a graduate student and teaching assistant at my university. Classes begin next week. First year students swarmed to campus this weekend. My head is so full of policies and activity ideas and composition terms! I’m getting excited to teach, but am already starting to feel a little exhausted. So today’s post will be short and sweet.

I wanted to share a few photos of my new apartment. I moved in at the beginning of July, and my family came to visit a week later and helped me settle in. I’m still shifting things around in cupboards and closets, trying to find the ideal arrangements, but otherwise I’m feeling at home here._MG_0618_MG_0750_MG_0735_MG_0660This apartment has four huge, south facing windows that I am enamored by. Light plays such a huge factor in my mood, especially throughout the winter, so I am overjoyed by the windows. And so are my plants, I think. Having real live plants makes me feel like such a responsible, capable human._MG_0702_MG_0636I am such a collector. Reminders of friends and family, events and places are scattered throughout my apartment. While I am not always consciously aware of the meaning behind all the objects, they serve as implicit reminders of love, warmth, and support. The garlands made by my mom, my aunt’s blue couch, the yellow tea set I got in South Carolina, the stones to commemorate events during my undergraduate years.

My “to be read” shelf gets more populated by the week, I think._MG_0696The kitchen is tiny, but I still manage to find room to showcase my tea collection._MG_0624_MG_0629Of course my bedroom is one of my favorite spaces because I love sleeping. Recently, I got new pink sheets; I had blue tones only on my bed for so long and thought it was time for a change._MG_0612_MG_0608_MG_0717_MG_0684And a stack of books is always near. I usually have more than one book in progress at a time, usually three or more. I like having a variety to choose from.

That’s the end of this little apartment tour. If you’re in the area, come say hi! I’ll have tea brewing.


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