Art Journals

Over the past few years, I’ve been finding my way back to art. I’ve been inspired by people like Caroline of Made Vibrant and Crystal of #yearofcreativehabits. This year, I made it one of my goals to create every day. I have a huge list of creative projects I want to tackle, but so far I’ve mostly been focusing on mini art journals. And I wanted to share them with you! I’ve finished three this year. Most days I only spend a few minutes putting a few pieces on paper, so it’s slow going. But I love it. I gather inspiration and bits of paper from the world around me, then make something with it.


Work in progress.


This is my first art journal of 2017. I was exploring ideas of expanding and moving outward. Pictured is one of my favorite spreads—the words are cut from a running shoe catalog and a bra catalog and make a lovely found poem.


Here’s the second art journal of the year. This one memorialized a quick trip I made to Nebraska in February. Winters are really hard for me, especially because they last so long where I live in Michigan. Being able to spend an unseasonably warm weekend in my home state with my family was the perfect respite, and I loved capturing some of the small, precious moments on paper.


And this is the third art journal! It’s pretty short and filled with warm, bright colors to celebrate sunnier days. It’s going to be sent to a dear friend later this week!

Finally, I’ll leave you with a quick glance through all three journals! Enjoy.


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